The Fault In Our Stars


So I just closed the covers of the book, The fault in our Stars and I hope I’m not the only one who kept myself from even looking at the thriller of the movie or anything coz I so badly am The Book Person. 🤓 You know, no compromises on imaginations. Well I wasn’t really ready for it to end so soon. You must read and find out why!
I just peeked into the characters of the movie and VOILA! I’m  happy to see my imagination’s not-so-ruined version of Hazel. (Oh this Self Control.)

Hazel Grace- TFIOS
Still from the Movie.

So the book really was a ROLLER COASTER of emotions but I feel maybe I’m just a mark above the teenage love stories, BUT what amazingly fascinated me was Green’s understanding about PAIN and SICKNESS! Just what I always thought is impossible to make anybody understand, Green has elaborated so flawlessly and beautifully.
The duo of Strength and Weakness, side by side- Just my type!
The best part about the book is the never ending conversation about the world between Gus and Hazel, that’s what keeps you connected to the book. If you’re a person who is fascinated by the games one can do with the right words, you’re in the right place then.
So 5 of my favorite “Quote Moment” from the book comes right here .. Let me call them, 5 Star Quotes!

Strange, no? Love means no boundaries. When you love, you love everything they give you, even if it is a heartbreak!
Beautifully expressed!


When you get used to of the Pains.
Couldn’t be more accurate!



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